Что такое ПОВЛ?

Как упоминал ранее, на email пришло простое письмо, в котором говориться, что процесс почти завершен и для полного счастья не хватает виз, которые они с радостью нам вклеят, если мы подвезем им паспорта (перевод мой, с хорошего настроя). Возможно, то что приходит по почте имеет название, но у нашего письма нет наименования. Тем не менее, я считаю, что это и есть наш долгожданный POVL.

А вообще, такое письмо называется POV — Promise of Visa Letter, так указано на сайте канадского посольства в Москве. Поскольку на сайте посольства в Варшаве я не нашел упоминания про ПОВЛ, то предположу, что это чисто московская фишка.

В письме просят подвезти оплату, данные на детей (рост и цвет глаз) и паспорта. Также указываются критические сроки подачи паспортов, въезда в Канаду и пр. полезные данные.

Кстати, оплата производится не за визы, как это принято думать и говорить, а за Right of Permenent Residence. И это единственная оплата, которая может быть возвращена в случае отказа.

Также предполагаю, что текст письма меняется в зависимости от консульства и места проживания аппликанта.

Текст письмеца привожу ниже:

ul. Piękna 2/8

00-482 Warsaw


Date: 20 October 2011

File number: EP…/B…

Dear Mr. 007

We are pleased to advise that your Permanent Resident Visa is almost ready to be issued. In order to finalize the processing of your application, please provide us with the items marked below:

X ORIGINAL passport(s) or travel document(s) with at least 6 months remaining validity for you and each of your accompanying dependents,

X Specify height and eye colour for your children

X— pay Right of Permenent Residence Fee for you and your spouse $490 Cad X 2  (for detailed information, please visit the following website: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/poland-pologne/visas/processing_fees-frais_traitement.aspx?lang=eng&view=d

Your visa(s) will be valid for entry to Canada until . 17 August  2012

Please ensure that the above items, together with a copy of this letter, are submitted to the Embassy by 20 December 2011. Your application must be finalized prior to the expiry of your medicals and with sufficient time for you to settle your affairs and make travel arrangements. Your immediate attention to this request is critical to the outcome of your application.

Please note that you will have to submit the passport(s) that will be used for travel to Canada by yourself and every accompanying family member so that we can place an immigrant visas in each passport. Instructions regarding delivery of passport(s) and visa(s) collection are provided below.

If you have had any changes in your family (such as marriage, common-law partnership or a new baby) between the time of submitting your application and the time of your travel to Canada, you must notify us of these changes. If you fail to notify us, you may be barred from sponsoring your family member for immigration to Canada in the future.

It is your obligation to notify us in advance of any changes of passport or changes in your passport details (e.g. — new passport, new surname, new date of expiration, new child added to passport, etc.).

You must ensure that you have a blank page in each passport for each member of your family travelling on that passport. For example, if you have two children travelling on your passport, you need three blank pages on which we can place visas. If you do not have sufficient blank pages, you must obtain a new passport and provide us with the new passport details. If you have children who are included in a parent’s passport, the parent’s passport must include a photograph of the child. If not, the child must obtain his/her own passport.

Instructions for Visa Collection

If you are a resident of Belarus, you or your authorized representative may either come in person to the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw (see details below) or you may arrange for delivery by courier of your passport and the passport of every accompanying family member to the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw for issuance of your visas and for their return by pre-paid courier or collection in person.


For same-day in-person service, you may come to the Embassy on Monday to Friday between 8:15h and 12h00 or between 13h00 and 15h00, with the exception of Embassy holidays, during the period from 20 October 2011  to  20 December 2011. Please bring a copy of this letter with you to facilitate processing.

If you need to apply for a visa to enter Poland, please be sure to attach the original of this letter to your Polish visa application.

You may nominate a personal representative to deliver your passport(s) and collect your visa(s) in accordance with the procedures set out above. In such a case, the person nominated must be able to identify him/herself properly with his/her own passport or Polish national identity card and he/she must present a SIGNED statement from you authorizing him/her to deliver your passport(s) to this Embassy and to collect your visa(s). 

Please note that if you are already in Canada and have valid temporary resident status, you now have the option of obtaining your permanent resident status in Canada (once you have the Permanent Resident Visa in your passport) as opposed to leaving Canada and re-entering at a port of entry. Please contact CIC’s Call Centre at 1-888-242-2100 as soon as possible to arrange an appointment with the nearest Citizenship and Immigration office to your place of residence (you cannot call this number if you are outside Canada).

We extend our best wishes to you for a happy and successful future life in Canada.


Immigration Section

Embassy of Canada


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